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Ypsilanti, Michigan (SolSmart Gold)

Ypsilanti has been a solar energy leader since a volunteer group called SolarYpsi launched its first solar project in 2005. Since then, community volunteers have partnered with the city to educate, advocate, and obtain funding for one solar installation after the next. Today, Ypsilanti is the only city in Michigan to have achieved SolSmart designation. The city has over 50 solar installations in Ypsi’s 4.5 square miles totaling 1.2 MW, including a project at a fire station saving the city more than $6,000 a year. SolarYpsi celebrated the city’s solar success at the National Solar Tour on October 7. The city is seeking funding to put solar on low income homes and municipal facilities, and would encourage any philanthropic organization to contact SolarYpsi.

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