What drives your interest in working on solar energy issues?

We as humanity have to figure out how to make solar development work for the survival of the species, and the survival of the planet as we claim to know and love it.

What impact do you feel the SolSmart program will have on the communities with which you will work?

We provide cost-free, personable, and personalized technical, policy, and planning expertise. That’s HUGE for our rural, small, and growing communities that don’t have the staff capacity, financial resources, and/or knowledge resources to guide the local integration of best practices for solar development in a value-adding manner for their individual community.

What aspects of your work plan are you most excited about?

By and far, working with our smaller communities in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro. There are some great minds and strong wills to be innovative in how they address economic, environmental, and social resilience, sustainability, and competitiveness.

What do you hope to gain from this experience?

I’m always hoping to expand the network of great minds that I have the pleasure to work with. Additionally, I’m hoping to get questions I haven’t gotten before. The most exciting part of this role is when I don’t have an answer, because it’s my job to then work with others to find the best answer.

About Cameran

Cameran J. Bailey is the Solar Planning Advisor to the Metropolitan Council, which serves as the regional planning body to the 188 communities in the Minneapolis-St. Paul 7-county metropolitan region. Cameran provides solar energy policy, planning, and technical support to all metro region communities. He brings to the Council and the SolSmart program education and experience in civil engineering, project management, project development, transportation planning, sustainability planning, systems analysis, and climate change vulnerability assessment from across the Midwest region.