What drives your interest in working on solar energy issues?

I am passionate about clean energy solutions and I am a practical problem solver. Working with a variety of stakeholders to reduce solar soft costs and facilitate more adoption sounds both interesting and rewarding.

What impact do you feel the SolSmart program and you as an Advisor will have on the communities with which you will work?

Since I will have the opportunity to work with three nearby communities (2 towns and the county they are in), I expect the SolSmart program and my Advisor services will not only make solar use easier in these communities but also open the door to further related collaboration.

What aspects of your work plan are you most excited about working on?

I look forward to the variety of tasks and am especially excited about drawing on the expertise at my place of employment, the NC Clean Energy Technology Center, to develop and conduct solar best practices for permitting and safety trainings as well as review and streamline permitting processes. I also look forward to surveying local installers on local permitting processes.

What do you hope to gain from this experience?

After decades working in alternative fuels and clean transportation, I am excited to learn more about the solar industry and connect the dots where possible to help speed the adoption of both solar and electric vehicles.

About Anne

Anne Tazewell was a SolSmart Advisor in 2017 for the Town of Carrboro, the Town of Chapel Hill, and Orange County, North Carolina. Prior to becoming an Advisor, Anne worked as the Transportation Program Manager at the NC Clean Energy Technology Center (NCCETC) for twelve years. She is currently the NCCETC Special Projects Manger where she works with a team of solar experts to support the NC SolSmart communities. Anne holds a B.A. in Environment Studies from New College and is pursing an M.F.A. in Creative Non Fiction from Goucher College.