What drives your interest in working on solar energy issues?

I became interested in solar energy issues while getting my environmental science degree at UNC – Chapel Hill. I saw and continue to see climate change as the major global issue affecting our generation and future generations. I’ve always thought renewable energy would have a huge part to play in mitigating greenhouse gas emissions and adapting to the future impacts of climate change, so working on solar issues, especially in the policy realm, has been a natural fit.

What impact do you feel the SolSmart program and you as an Advisor will have on the communities with which you will work?

I feel that SolSmart and my work as an Advisor will really help prepare the communities for future demand of solar PV systems within their communities. There has been a huge boom in solar installers in southeastern Pennsylvania. My work as an Advisor can really help these communities make installing solar as easy and as inexpensive as possible for their residents.

What aspects of your work plan are you most excited about working on?

I am really excited to bring all our communities together to cooperate on regional and statewide issues surrounding solar. This includes engaging with our local utility as well as finding ways for our communities to participate in state-level conversations about solar.

About Adam

Adam Beam was a SolSmart Advisor in 2017 for the Delaware Valley Region (the Greater Philadelphia Region) in Pennsylvania. In addition to his role as an Advisor, Adam works as a research analyst at the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission’s Office of Energy and Climate Change Initiatives. Adam holds a B.S. in Environmental Science from the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill and a Master of City Planning from the University of Pennsylvania.