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Standard Pathway: Prerequisites

This page includes the complete list of criteria for the Prerequisites category in the SolSmart Standard Pathway.

This page provides a detailed description of each criterion in the Standard Pathway: Prequisites category. It includes recommended verification for designation review, community examples, templates, and/or resources.

Learn more about the SolSmart designation process here. To access this information in a PDF document, download the SolSmart Program Guide.

Overview: Prerequisites

The SolSmart criteria are based on specific best practices that local governments and community stakeholders can implement to encourage solar energy development in their community. Prerequisite credits are essential to move forward with the SolSmart designation, whether you are aiming for Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum.

The Standard Pathway includes 1 prerequisite criteria.

PR-1 (Required)

Provide a document that demonstrates your local government’s commitment to pursue SolSmart designation.

Local governments interested in pursuing SolSmart designation must indicate their commitment to supporting solar development in their community by completing the PR-1 Solar Statement Prerequisite. The solar statement should be signed by a representative of the local government. It is preferred that the statement is signed by a Department executive or an elected official, but it does not need to go through an official approval process. The solar statement demonstrates your community’s commitment to pursue SolSmart designation. If possible, please place the solar statement on your local government’s letterhead. While the PR-1 is a commitment to the program, the best practices included in the template provided are goals to strive for and non-binding to the criteria you can pursue.

The solar statement should address the items listed in the bullets below. The statement does not need to be more than one page in length.

Recommended Verification: Provide a signed solar statement that includes:

Community Examples: