Step 4: Review ESS Residential Code Installation Requirements

***NOTE: These guidelines are a living document and may be revised. Last updated: 9/16/21***

1. The individual ESS units are no larger than 20 kWh. Units installed meet one of the size and location limitations shown in items (2) and (3) below.

2. The individual ESS units are installed are separated by 36” or are installed in accordance with approved large-scale fire testing results (UL 9540a or equivalent approved tests).

3. Each ESS meets one of the size and location limitations shown below:

4. Where an ESS is installed in a garage, units are installed along side walls and units installed on end walls above 48” do not need vehicle protection. Where units are installed on end walls below 48”, approved vehicle protection is installed (e.g., parking curb, barrier, bollard).

5. Where required, smoke or heat alarms are installed.

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