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Criteria: PZ-18 (Standard Pathway)

Best Practices in Planning and Zoning for Colorado Communities

| SolSmart
This webinar discusses best practices for incorporating solar into plans, ordinances, and development regulations at the local level. The webinar is designed to specifically support local governments in Colorado.
Criteria: CE-4 (Modified Pathway) CE-4 (Regional Pathway) CE-4 (Standard Pathway)

SEIA Consumer Protection Resources

| SolSmart
This webpage from the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) offers information about consumer protection resources for solar customers.
Criteria: GO-1 (Modified Pathway) GO-1 (Standard Pathway) IA-1 (Standard Pathway) PI-4 (Standard Pathway) CE-2 (Modified Pathway) PI-5 (Standard Pathway) CE-2 (Regional Pathway) CE-2 (Standard Pathway) PI-6 (Standard Pathway) PI-7 (Standard Pathway) PI-8 (Standard Pathway) PI-9 (Standard Pathway) PI-11 (Standard Pathway) PI-14 (Standard Pathway) PI-18 (Standard Pathway)

Webinar: Introduction to SolSmart—How Local Governments in Colorado Can Become Solar Energy Leaders

| SolSmart
This introductory webinar dives into what the SolSmart program is and how it can help local governments. Conducted in partnership between SolSmart and the Colorado Energy Office.

Webinar: Understanding Who Is Underserved By Your Solar Strategies

| SolSmart
This webinar examines ways in which local governments can identify communities and individuals that are currently underserved by existing programs aimed at increasing solar deployment and adoption.
Criteria: PR-2 (Regional Pathway)
Criteria: CE-1 (Modified Pathway) PR-2 (Modified Pathway) CE-2 (Modified Pathway) CE-3 (Modified Pathway) CE-4 (Modified Pathway) CE-5 (Modified Pathway) PR-7 (Modified Pathway) CE-6 (Modified Pathway) CE-7 (Modified Pathway) GO-12 (Modified Pathway)
Criteria: CE-1 (Standard Pathway) CE-3 (Standard Pathway) GO-11 (Standard Pathway) CE-4 (Standard Pathway) CE-5 (Standard Pathway) CE-6 (Standard Pathway) CE-7 (Standard Pathway) CE-8 (Standard Pathway) CE-9 (Standard Pathway) CE-10 (Standard Pathway) CE-11 (Standard Pathway)

Webinar: Streamlining Solar Permitting and Benefits of SolSmart for Michigan’s Local Governments

| SolSmart
This webinar discusses the roles of SolSmart and SolarAPP+ in achieving local clean energy goals. It is focused on Michigan, but relevant across the U.S.