SolSmart Webinar: Solar & Electric Vehicle Best Practices for Local Governments

| By SolSmart

This webinar addresses opportunities for local governments to promote the co-development and integration of solar PV generation and electric vehicles (EVs). Simultaneous adoption of PV and EVs in a community can present substantial benefits, particularly when policies and initiatives for PV and EVs are thoughtfully aligned. Learn about the role of local government to promote this nexus through tools such as coordinated education and outreach, incentives, regulations and requirements such as in development review and building codes, and public investment in lead-by-example projects. The webinar also features a market transformation case study managed by the Great Plains Institute on integrating EV charging infrastructure with distributed solar, including local government tools for action, value proposition modeling by the National Renewable Energy Lab, and implications for achieving local climate and energy goals. This introductory seminar primarily orients around the needs of local governments as they consider policy and program options.