SolSmart Webinar: Best Practices for Solar & Electric Bus Charging at Transit Agencies

| By SolSmart
Market Development

Following up on a successful webinar on local government opportunities to integrate solar photovoltaic (PV) generation and electric vehicles (EV), SolSmart presented a deeper dive conversation focused on emerging best practices for PV and electric bus charging integration at transit agencies. Many transit agencies across the country have already begun electrifying their fleets, retiring older diesel buses and replacing them with electric buses. Some transit agencies are going further by integrating PV to fuel their electric fleet. Transit agencies and their communities can gain substantial benefits from integration, including reducing emissions, relieving grid stress, and offsetting demand charges. This webinar highlighted opportunities and challenges for integrating PV and electric transit bus charging. It also featured a moderated panel discussion among several practitioners to shed light on different perspectives regarding PV and electric transit bus charging.