SolSmart Training Videos Catalog

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SolSmart recognizes communities for taking action to encourage the growth of local solar markets. Through SolSmart, local government officials can access high quality training on a variety of topics related to solar planning, permitting and program implementation. Below please find a summary of recordings that are included in our video library and available for on demand learning. You can also download a PDF at the button above.

Planning & Zoning

SolSmart Planning and Zoning trainings review best practices for integrating solar into local plans, zoning regulations, stakeholder engagement and related processes. These sessions cover rooftop solar, as well as ground-mount and large-scale solar arrays. The national training is applicable to communities across the country, while state-specific trainings offer some additional detail related to specific state policies and examples. These trainings can be used to earn SolSmart criteria PZ-18.



Permitting & Inspection

SolSmart Permitting and Inspection trainings review best practices, codes and procedures related to solar permitting and inspection for residential systems. The training includes procedures for reviewing permit applications, documentation and guidance for completing inspections that ensure safety and code compliance. These trainings can be used to earn SolSmart criteria PI-2 (permitting) and PI-3 (inspection).


IREC Permitting Training Modules:  Plan Review & Permitting of Residential Rooftop Solar PV Systems.  This three-part series provided by IREC is an excellent, comprehensive overview of solar permitting.  Participants will receive a Certificate of Completion.

IREC Inspection Training Module. This five-part series, provided by IREC, provides a best practices to make inspections efficient and effective, including specific project examples. Participants will receive a Certificate of Completion.


Other Training Topics