PZ-3 Example

| By SolSmart

Download an example of language that meets the requirements of the PZ-3 credit above. Note that this is not template language, but provides an example of how a previous SolSmart designee achieved this credit.

SolSmart’s Planning and Zoning Criteria #3 (PZ-3) states: Draft proposed language for changes to zoning code based on PZ-1 memo and PZ-2 dialogue. Involve planners and/or local zoning experts and/or the public (e.g., through community-based organizations) in the creation of the draft language.

A local government interested in enabling solar energy development should consider including basic solar information in the zoning ordinance such as a purpose, definitions, clarification on accessory use and primary use solar, and use standards. Zoning codes that contain no or little information about solar energy can complicate the process for homes and business that want to install a solar energy system. Including basic information about solar energy improves transparency of processes and clarity of development requirements and can enhance the growth of the local solar market in an organized and efficient manner. The local government should provide education to the public about the drafted changes to the zoning code and how that impacts residents.

Recommended Verification: Provide draft language of the proposed zoning ordinance changes that clarify solar energy requirements, address gaps identified by PZ-1 memo, and remove barriers to solar development.