Step 1: Gather Required Information for PV or PV + ESS Permit

In order to identify if a PV system or PV+ESS installation is simple, needing only a basic review, the following information is required.

1. Obtain the Local Government’s Permit Application

– Permit application should include information about the project scope, project location, and the installer.

Example Site Diagram PV Only with DC Converters

2. Develop the Site Plan 

– Site plan should show location of major components on the property. The site plan drawing need not be exactly to scale, but it should represent relative location of components at site (see supplied example site plan).

– PV arrays in compliance with IRC fire setback requirements need no separate fire setback requirements. Energy storage in acceptable locations.


3. Obtain Electrical Worksheets

– Electrical worksheets should show: PV array configuration; wiring system; overcurrent protection; ESS components; inverter; disconnects; required signs; AC connection to building. See supplied standard electrical diagrams:

4. Obtain Specification Sheets & Installation Manuals (if available)

– For all major PV system and ESS components such as:



Step 2: Review PV System Electrical Code Installation Requirements

Step 3: Review ESS Electrical Code Installation Requirements

Step 4: Review ESS Residential Code Installation Requirements

Step 5: Review PV and ESS Electrical Code Interconnection Requirements

Step 6 (Simplified): Review Structural PV Array Mounting Requirements

Step 6 (Detailed): Review Structural PV Array Mounting Requirements

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