Webinar Recording: Streamlining Solar Permitting and Benefits of SolSmart for Michigan’s Local Governments!

The SolSmart program recently hosted a webinar with the State of Michigan’s Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE); while focused on Michigan communities, this webinar is relevant to people across the U.S. In the webinar, our speakers cover why Michigan’s municipalities should consider participation in SolSmart and SolarAPP+. As the speakers discuss, the permitting and inspection process is one of the most important tools that local governments have at their disposal to encourage solar energy installations. Streamlining the permitting process can help communities and homeowners go solar more easily. For local governments considering solar energy adoption, this webinar is a useful resource on how you can become a SolSmart designee and streamline your permitting process through the SolarAPP+.

Note that while especially relevant for local governments in the state of Michigan, much of the discussion about the SolSmart program and the SolarAPP+ tool will apply to people across the United States.

Webinar speakers include:

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