Updated SolSmart Program Guide!

Are you interested in turning your city, town, or county into a SolSmart community? Check out SolSmart’s updated Program Guide for recommended resources to achieve over 90 “solar-ready” actions. 

Local governments can have a significant effect on the growth of solar in their communities. To help local governments design and implement plans to encourage solar growth and remove obstacles to solar development, SolSmart has released an updated Program Guide. The Program Guide builds off of the SolSmart application by recommending resources to complete each “solar-ready” action. Each action helps local governments improve local processes, making it faster, easier, and more affordable to go solar.

These actions measure local government progress toward creating a “solar-ready” community and span across eight categories:

Modeled after policies and processes in cities, towns, and counties nationwide and vetted by prominent solar experts, the solar best practices outlined in each category, if implemented, benefit several community stakeholders:

When sufficient actions across the eight categories are completed, SolSmart designates local governments as “solar-ready” at a Bronze, Silver, or Gold level. To date, SolSmart has designated over 240 local governments nationwide as “solar-ready.”

Any municipality or county, regardless of size or solar experience, is eligible to receive no-cost technical assistance from our team of national solar experts to help design and implement plans to become more “solar-ready” and earn SolSmart designation. If you’re interested in learning more about SolSmart technical assistance or the designation process, request a consultation here.

Download the SolSmart’s Program Guide here.