SolSmart Designees Up to 78 Nationwide!

The SolSmart team was at the National Association of Counties Annual Conference in Franklin County, Ohio, this weekend to announce a host of new counties receiving SolSmart designation! In addition to that, we’ve seen numerous cities and towns in recent weeks receive designations of SolSmart Gold, Silver, and Bronze.

At the conference, the mood was bright and cheerful as county officials gathered to celebrate the new designees. What’s more, representatives from other communities expressed hope that they would soon be designated themselves.

SolSmart recognizes cities and counties for taking steps to cut red tape and reduce the costs of solar energy at the local level. So far, a total of 78 communities have received their designations as “open for solar business” in just over a year since the launch of SolSmart. A map with a list of all designees can be found here.

The latest SolSmart designees are all over the country, from Athens-Clarke County in Georgia to Contra Costa County, California. Recently designated cities include Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Sacramento, California; Providence, Rhode Island; and many more.

Here are all the new communities receiving designations in recent weeks, as well as the communities that have moved from Bronze or Silver to a higher Designation:


Adams County, Colorado

Coventry, Connecticut

Goshen, Indiana

Pima County, Arizona

Sacramento, California

Sonoma County, California


Duluth, Minnesota

Linn County, Iowa

Providence, Rhode Island


Albemarle County, Virginia

Athens-Clarke County, Georgia

Contra Costa County, California

Franklin County, Ohio

Marin County, California

Melrose, Massachusetts

DeKalb County, Georgia

Nappanee, Indiana

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Savannah, Georgia

Will County, Illinois


Carrboro, North Carolina – Gold

Cupertino, California – Gold

Orange County, North Carolina – Silver