New Large-Scale Solar Guidance

The Solar@Scale program, a partnership between the International City/County Management Association (ICMA) and the American Planning Association (APA), has launched a refreshed version of A Local Government Guidebook for Improving Large-Scale Solar Development Outcomes. This practical guidebook aims to help local government practitioners—including planners, economic development professionals, local government managers, and elected and appointed officials—make decisions that effectively and positively shape the development of large-scale solar in your community.

Download the Guidebook Here

The latest edition of the guidebook contains eight related, but semi-independent, modules, with revisions mainly occurring in modules one and two. For any questions on the guidebook, the Solar@Scale program, or to host a no-cost large-scale solar workshop, please contact Scott Annis, Senior Program Manager at ICMA (

As large-scale solar grows in the U.S., this guidebook can help you make informed decisions and realize the benefits of large-scale solar development.