Is Your Solar Landing Page Up-To-Date?

| By Debra Perry, International City/Council Management Association

With so many new funding opportunities, it’s time to update your Solar Landing Page!

If you are a designated SolSmart community, you were encouraged to create a website or solar landing page where you post resources to help your community members access solar resources. If you haven’t updated that page in a while, we suggest that now is the time! The federal Inflation Reduction Act, in particular, has created several new or expanded tax incentives, bonuses and other opportunities to reduce the cost of solar and other clean energy projects for residents and businesses.

The SolSmart Team has updated our Solar Landing Page Template to include more resources for homeowners, businesses, and non-profit organizations that want to take advantage of new federal resources. Your state may also have new funding opportunities you can include! The SolSmart Team will continue to share resources as the federal government issues more guidance and as additional funding opportunities are announced in 2024, including EPA’s Solar for All Program. View the templates below:

 Local governments, counties and regional organizations play an important role as a trusted source of information. Sharing these funding opportunities with your residents is an important way to ensure your community takes full advantage of this funding.