In the News: How Local Governments Are Driving Solar Energy Growth

When Cuyahoga County, Ohio wanted to accelerate solar energy use, they didn’t wait for the state or federal government to act. Instead, the county undertook a series of actions at the local level to expand the deployment of solar and storage while saving millions in energy costs. The county installed solar panels on four government buildings; partnered with a municipality to purchase energy produced from a solar installation at a local landfill; and launched a co-op that has helped more than 250 residents install solar on their homes.

This is just one example of how hundreds of local governments are taking action to help their communities benefit from solar energy—regardless of what’s happening at the state or federal level. Solar companies can take advantage of these opportunities through local engagement and partnership that will provide mutual benefit.

Read more in this article in PV Magazine from Theresa Perry, Program Director for SolSmart at the Interstate Renewable Energy Council!

(Photo courtesy Cedar Hill, Texas)