Four SolSmart Communities Are Eligible for SolarAPP+ Prize

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) recently announced 12 candidates for the first round of its SolarAPP+ Prize, and four of those are SolSmart communities! Each of the communities selected during Step 1 of the SolarAPP+ Prize program has been determined to be eligible to adopt SolarAPP+. If they successfully adopt SolarAPP+ during Step 2 of the prize, they will receive $15,000.

SolarAPP+ is an automated, standardized solar installation permitting tool created by NREL in partnership with government, private, and local stakeholders. Currently, the varied permitting needs of different jurisdictions and localities can add unnecessary variation and confusion when companies install solar panels. The SolarAPP+ program aims to reduce review timelines, clarify processes, and cut the red tape that can throw up unnecessary roadblocks for solar projects.

The SolSmart communities that are candidates for the SolarAPP+ prize are:

  1. Fremont, California (SolSmart Gold)
  2. Ann Arbor, Michigan (SolSmart Silver)
  3. City and County of Denver, Colorado (SolSmart Gold)
  4. Town of Oro Valley, Arizona (SolSmart Silver)

You can read more about the SolarAPP+ prize here. To learn more, read our one-pagers about how adopting SolarAPP+ can help local governments achieve SolSmart Bronze designation or move from Silver to Gold designation.