First SolSmart Designees Announced Today

We’re proud of the work communities around the country are doing to make it faster, easier, and cheaper to go solar. And today, we’re happy to announce the first 22 communities to become official SolSmart designees!

We are announcing the new designees in a special ceremony at the annual conference of the International City/County Management Association in Kansas City, Missouri. Fourteen communities are receiving the gold designation under SolSmart. One community will receive the silver designation, and seven communities will receive the bronze designation.

SolSmart recognizes cities and counties for adopting programs and processes that encourage the growth of local solar markets. A SolSmart designation signals that a community is “open for solar business,” helping to attract solar industry investment and generate economic development and local jobs.

As you’re well aware, local governments have a huge role to play in advancing solar energy development. Solar soft costs can represent up to two-thirds of the total price of an installed residential system. By taking the initiative to cut red tape and streamline local processes, communities can reduce soft costs and make solar significantly more affordable for homes and businesses.

While we’re excited to honor the 22 designees today, it’s important to note that we consider this announcement only the beginning. SolSmart aims to designate at least 300 communities over the course of the three-year program. As we work with cities and counties to provide no-cost technical assistance, we hope and expect that your community will join the SolSmart designees soon.

The communities designated SolSmart Gold today are:

Austin, Texas
City of Boulder, Colorado
Columbia, Missouri
Fremont, California
Fort Collins, Colorado
Gladstone, Missouri
Hartford, Connecticut
Kansas City, Missouri
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Minneapolis, Minnesota
San Carlos, California
Santa Monica, California
Santa Rosa, California
Satellite Beach, Florida

The community designated SolSmart Silver today is:

Boulder County, Colorado

The communities designated SolSmart Bronze today are:

Burlington, Vermont
Claremont, California
Denver, Colorado
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Redwood City, California
Saint Paul, Minnesota
Somerville, Massachusetts