Announcing the 2019 Regional Organization Challenge Campaign!

Regional organizations can play a significant role in fostering or developing thriving solar markets. They are uniquely positioned to advance solar through their ability to convene local stakeholders, distribute resources, and provide assistance in permitting and planning.

In recognition of this important role, SolSmart recently launched a regional designation pathway and will support regional organizations interested in advancing regional solar efforts through the provision of no-cost technical assistance. Now, through SolSmart’s Regional Organization Challenge Campaign, regional organizations new to the SolSmart program will be eligible to receive the following special prize:

To be eligible, your regional organization must hold a consultation call with SolSmart staff and submit a Solar Statement (a letter of interest committing staff time to receive technical assistance in pursuit of designation) by June 21.

The Challenge Campaign winner will be the regional organization that can bring the most members into the program. This will be determined by the number of signed Solar Statements submitted by these members prior the June 21 deadline. If there is a tie between multiple regional organizations, the winner will be chosen randomly from that group of applicants. All members that submit Solar Statements will be able to access SolSmart’s no-cost technical assistance and designation opportunity.

The Challenge Campaign will run from March 4, 2019, through June 21, 2019. For more information or to get started:



SolSmart is a national designation and technical assistance program for local governments and regional organizations. Funded by the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Energy Technologies Office, SolSmart strives to cut red tape, drive greater solar deployment, and make it possible for even more American homes and businesses to access solar energy to meet their electricity needs. Learn more at All regional organizations can access no-cost technical assistance, even outside of this Challenge. To date, SolSmart has over 230 designees who have achieved SolSmart designation for fostering the growth of local solar markets in cities and counties.