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Ready to harness the sun? Every municipality, county, and regional organization in the United States is eligible to join the SolSmart program.


As a SolSmart participant, you’ll receive no-cost technical assistance from a team of national experts who will help you expand opportunities for solar energy growth in your jurisdiction. By taking this step, you’ll join over 500 communities that are solar leaders nationwide.

If you work for a local government (city, town, county, or regional organization), start out by reading the program guide to learn more. Next, complete the contact form on this page to set up a call with a SolSmart technical assistance provider. The technical assistance provider will learn more about your community’s solar energy goals and guide you to the next phase of the program.

Local nonprofit organizations can also encourage their local governments to join SolSmart and work with them to achieve their goals. Individuals can help get their community engaged on solar energy as well. Contact us today and we will get in touch on how you can partner with your community to work toward SolSmart designation.

Learn more about SolSmart and the program benefits here.

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The Designation Process

Once you get started, here’s the process each local government and regional organization will follow to achieve designation.

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About SolSmart

Learn more about how the program works and how SolSmart helps local governments increase solar energy use in their jurisdictions.
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Application Criteria

Learn about the best practices that local governments achieve to reach SolSmart designation, with the help of the SolSmart technical assistance team.
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Browse the SolSmart resource library to find reports, templates, and webinars that will help your local government reach its solar energy goals.
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