Congratulations on taking the first step toward earning SolSmart designation for your community! Before applying, please review the SolSmart Program Guide and requirements for each SolSmart Designation level. If you would like to apply for designation but don’t yet meet the criteria, need assistance in meeting criteria, or have any questions, please request a free consultation with the SolSmart team.

Learn more about the application process and designation levels:

The Process   Solsmart Program Guide   Designation Levels

To apply for SolSmart designation online, please create an account on the right hand side. If you would like the SolSmart team to manage your community’s application process, please request a consultation. If you still have questions, please contact us here.

Are you a county or regional organization? Apply for these modified pathways to designation here.



SolSmart updated the criteria and categories in January 2021. Those already working on a application can continue using the former criteria or can use the updated criteria. To continue this application using the legacy criteria, visit the legacy application site here.