SolSmart Designees

West Palm Beach

SolSmart Gold
Population: 111,955
Designation Level: SolSmart Gold
Year Designated: Bronze 2017 / Gold 2018
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West Palm Beach has worked with SolSmart to make sure that businesses and residents can be approved for solar PV arrays more quickly than ever before. In 2018, West Palm Beach set up an expedited one-day solar permitting process for PV systems of 10 kW or less, making it the first city in the state of Florida to offer a one-day permitting turnaround. This expedited process allowed the community to add 665 kW of solar energy, representing 50 percent growth within a single year. To increase municipal use of solar energy, the city has enrolled in Florida Power and Light’s Solar Together program, which is a shared solar subscription plan. This will allow for approximately 12 MW of electricity to be offset by solar energy production on large-scale farms.