SolSmart Designees

Summit County

SolSmart Gold
Population: 31,011
Designation Level: SolSmart Gold
Year Designated: Bronze 2020 / Gold 2021
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  • Provided local incentives for solar PV via an Alternative Energy Permit fee waiver through December 31, 2017.
  • Installed solar PV on local facilities, totaling 290kW between the Public Health Building and Justice Center.
  • Led by a passionate group of community members and supported by local government, Summit Community Solar (SCS) was a successful community solar initiative that launched in 2013. Designed to increase residential photovoltaic solar in Summit County, this grassroots initiative combined a robust community engagement and outreach effort with both the financial benefits of bulk solar purchasing and the ease of contractor pre-selection.
The Summit County community has lofty climate action goals and solar will play a critical role in meeting them. Significant amounts of solar pv are being installed around the county due to our abundant, Colorado sunshine, low fees, streamlined permitting process, and bulk buying program. Thanks SolSmart for helping Summit County become a local leader in solar energy installation.
- Michael Wurzel, Summit County Government Sustainability Coordinator