SolSmart Designees


SolSmart Gold
Population: 54,312
Designation Level: SolSmart Gold
Year Designated: 2022
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  • Created an online permitting checklist, increasing transparency for community members and solar installers
  • Reviewed local zoning codes and identified restrictions that intentionally or unintentionally prohibit solar PV development
  • Allowed solar by-right accessory use in all zones (so solar installations don’t require special permits or hearings)
  • Cross-trained both inspection and permitting staff on solar PV
  • Provided a streamlined permitting pathway for small PV systems
I'm incredibly proud to be recognized for our efforts to make solar energy more attainable in the City of Pensacola. Thank you to city staff for continuing to work hard on solar initiatives and for being forward-thinking as we look to the future of solar energy in Pensacola.
- Mayor Grover Robinson