SolSmart Designees

Northern Virginia Regional Commission

SolSmart Gold
Population: 2,991,489
Designation Level: SolSmart Gold
Year Designated: 2019
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  • Provided guidance on solar PV planning, zoning and development best practices to communities and counties in the entire region
  • Shared an inspection checklist for the region and encourages implementation
  • Hosted regional training or discussion on best practices in solar permitting for communities and counties
  • Created a solar landing page on the regional website with information on the region’s solar goals and local resources for solar development
  • Included quantifiable metrics and/or specific actions for solar PV development in the most current version of relevant region-wide plan
We are proud to have achieved this designation in recognition of the Commission’s efforts to promote solar energy in the region. Combined with energy efficiency/conservation efforts the Commission is making a concerted effort in helping residents and businesses reduce their energy usage and produce their own.
- Laurie DiRocco - Vienna, VA Mayor and NVRC Chairman