SolSmart Designees

Naugatuck Valley Council of Governments

SolSmart Silver
Population: 450,376
Designation Level: SolSmart Silver
Year Designated: Bronze 2022 / Silver 2023
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The Naugatuck Valley Council of Governments embraced the power of a regional approach to solar to earn SolSmart Bronze in 2022 and then SolSmart Silver in 2023. Their initiatives have included making solar information regarding consumer protection, state incentives, and more easily accessible to the public; incorporating solar into regional planning initiatives, and more!

Paving the way for clean energy in our region is one of the many ways we’re working to build sustainable communities throughout the Valley...By providing training and resources for our municipalities, we increase their capacity to handle the influx of solar development without putting unnecessary burdens on developers and residents.
- Aaron Budris, Environmental Planning Director