SolSmart Designees


SolSmart Bronze
Population: 109,212
Designation Level: SolSmart Bronze
Year Designated: 2018
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  • Created an online permitting checklist, increasing transparency for community members and solar installers.
  • Reviewed local zoning codes and identified restrictions that intentionally or unintentionally prohibit solar PV development
The City of Lewisville strives for leadership in sustainability through implementation of results-based policies and programs. We are focused on reducing our carbon footprint through encouraging sustainable resource management, with an emphasis on energy conservation and alternative energy programs. Participation in the SolSmart program has streamlined our permitting processes and removed potential barriers at the local level for residents and businesses seeking to incorporate solar energy. This aligns with our community emphasis on sustainability and directly reduces our impact on local emissions.
- Donna Barron, Lewisville City Manager