SolSmart Designees


SolSmart Bronze
Population: 42,605
Designation Level: SolSmart Bronze
Year Designated: 2017
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  • Created an online permitting checklist, increasing transparency for community members and solar installers
  • Reviewed local zoning codes and identified restrictions that intentionally or unintentionally prohibit solar PV development
  • Provided a streamlined permitting pathway for small solar PV systems with turn-around time of nomore than 3 days
  • Hosted a community “Solarize” campaign, Solarize South County, allowing residents to benefit from group discounts and affordable solar financing
  • Engaged with regional organizations (Northwest Solar Communities) on advancing solar PV policies in the region including, but not limited to, unified permitting processes and group procurement opportunities
We are very proud of this recognition because it reflects our city’s dedication to protecting and improving both our environment and our economy. Promoting solar energy helps make our community both more energy efficient and environmentally friendly.
- Dave Earling, Edmonds Mayor