SolSmart Designees


SolSmart Gold
Population: 12,407
Designation Level: SolSmart Gold
Year Designated: 2017
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  • Created a streamlined process to approve certain solar permit applications over the counter
  • Hosted a community “Solarize” campaign, Solarize Coventry, allowing residents to benefit from group discounts and affordable solar financing
  • Provided local incentives for solar PV via a property tax exemption
  • Demonstrated that the community’s installed per capita capacity, at 141 watts/person as of June 2017, is above top 20% of states (>99 watts/person)
The Town of Coventry has a history of embracing and promoting solar energy for our residents and businesses, and within our own municipal facilities. We are extremely proud that our efforts to reduce barriers to solar energy have earned our town the SolSmart Gold designation, and we look forward to continued initiatives to deliver solar resources to our community.”
- John A. Elsesser, Town Manager