SolSmart Designees


SolSmart Silver
Population: 47,266
Designation Level: SolSmart Silver
Year Designated: 2017
  • Created an online permitting checklist, increasing transparency for community members and solar installers
  • Reviewed local zoning codes and identified restrictions that intentionally or unintentionally prohibit solar PV development
  • Hosted a community “Solarize” campaign, allowing residents to benefit from group discounts and affordable solar financing
  • Created and shared an interactive solar map for the community
I am proud that Charlottesville has been recognized as the first in Virginia to earn a SolSmart designation. The City's recent accomplishments in the SolSmart program will benefit everyone by making locally-sourced clean energy more accessible and affordable. We will continue our work in the SolSmart program to support solar energy development in our town that will create jobs and help protect our environment.
- Kathy Galvin, Charlottesville City Councilor