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Public Statement of Solar Goals

Communities interested in pursuing SolSmart designation must indicate their commitment to supporting solar development in their community. These do not need to be more than a page in length. Letters should include:

  • A commitment to participate in the SolSmart designation process
  • A statement of solar goals, areas of focus or community priorities (e.g. Encouraging solar development on vacant lots or supporting non-profit led initiatives)
  • Past achievements or programs related to solar and/or renewable energy
  • Commitment to tracking metrics related to solar and/or provide benchmark of available solar metrics (e.g.. number of installed municipal systems or growth in residential installations)
  • A commitment of staff time and resources to improve local environment for solar

Pre-requisite for SolSmart Bronze, Silver, and Gold designation.

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Please include 'http://' or 'https://' at the beginning of your link.

Provide link to public commitment letter signed by an elected official. While we encourage you to post this letter online, we do not require you to do so. We will consider it public if it is on letterhead of the municipality or county and if it is signed by a public official, since this should make it a matter of public record.

Mark this section as 'complete' when you have finished answering all the questions you intend to include in your application. This will note it as such in the section navigation. Don't worry, you can still return to update it if you want!

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